Water Safety, and Fun, With the SLST Seahorses

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the South Louisiana Swim Team. Water Safety, and Fun, With the SLST Seahorses When my daughter began suffering from severe anxiety, I knew there would be changes. One of my biggest surprises was her near overnight fear of gymnastics. She’d been practicing for several years when suddenly the wide […]

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What Happens When a Mommy Graduates

20 years ago, I graduated high school. And then I went on to college, moved to New Orleans, took my first job, met my husband and started a family. But today, 20 years later, I walk across the stage to be given a piece of paper that at one point in my life, was absolutely […]

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A Debt Payoff Story

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. The moment we decided we had enough. The debt had to go. Our story is not uncommon or crazy but it did work and so, here it is! We were normal people with normal jobs and normal financial circumstances. Our debts were too high but not catastrophic, […]

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Tips For Visiting New Orleans With Kids!

As the top parenting website in New Orleans, we are constantly asked if visiting New Orleans is kid friendly. We can’t say it enough, but YES! Yes, you should absolutely visit New Orleans with your children in tow. New Orleans is family-friendly, New Orleans is kid-friendly and New Orleans offers a ton of activities for […]

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2019 New Orleans Mom of the Year Winner!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2019 New Orleans Mom of the Year is :: Crystalyn Aucoin {Nominated by :: Jessica Jones} She fell madly in love with the man of her dreams, had a beautiful wedding and (a few years later) found out they were pregnant! Just a few months […]

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