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The Jesse Tree Project :: An Idea to Put Meaning Back into Your Christmas Season

Our Jesse Tree is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. If you celebrate Christmas and are looking to put meaning back into the season for your children, this is a way to focus your family daily through an interactive experience with Bible stories. Here’s how to bring a Jesse tree into your house this December. […]

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Mom vs. The Nap

You know you have kids if you could talk for 20 minutes about naptime. This is why people with kids like hanging out with other people with kids. Because only other parents can appreciate the intrigue, frustration, and nirvana of naptime. NAPTIME:  Necessary Adult Peace Time – Integral, Marvelous, Essential The nap wooed me early on. […]

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Breastfeeding Your Second (Third/Fourth) Child: Why It’s Still Hard!

Here are my credentials: 4.5 years of breastfeeding experience with two different children La Leche League certified leader with 2.5 years of experience leading an LLL group, keeping up with the latest research, and attending educational conferences on breastfeeding But as I write this within the first two weeks of third-time motherhood, I am fully […]

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Reading and the Holidays: How to Make a Merry Match-up

Overflowing book baskets and bookshelves led me to a great idea. As my first son, Jack, started accumulating a pretty extensive library, I began pulling out any holiday books and putting them on a closet shelf – mainly just to make space. This practical move led to a fun result. Now our stack of holiday […]

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