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The Fear of Pregnancy as a Black Mother

My baby is almost two years old (insert tears, mamas). Will I ever get over this? I’ve heard the answer is no. And as she gets closer to her second birthday, my husband and I have started the inevitable conversations about adding a second child to our family. We’ve talked about all the ways a […]

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As We Come to The End of The Road :: Our 10 Year Medical Training Journey

My husband and I have known each other since I was sixteen. Let’s be clear, it was NOT love at first sight. We met through a summer program and were frenemies for about 4 years. We reconnected again when my husband moved to Nashville to start his medical school journey. I was a junior in […]

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Why I Make My Own Baby Food

For the past three or four years, my husband and I have been living a “Whole 30” lifestyle.  This means we focus on eating real, whole food with minimal added sugar, preservatives, and weird ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Our diet mainly consists of meat and seafood, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. While it was […]

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