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Why We Attend Our Children Classmates' Birthday Parties

Why We Attend Our Children’s Classmates’ Birthday Parties

Like most parents out there with young children, our refrigerator is full of birthday invitations. Sometimes our weekend days consist of juggling at least two birthday parties while wrangling our everyday family and household responsibilities, spending time with one another and our extended families, as well as managing our businesses. It takes time to coordinate, […]

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160404 Gift Guide for Seasoned Newborn Moms

Gift Guide for Seasoned Newborn Moms

Whether you will be receiving or giving a “sprinkle” shower to a seasoned mom or forgoing this new trend, even experienced moms with more than one child need help preparing for a new addition. I have noticed very few resources for mothers expecting their second, third and onward. With every newborn, there are still items […]

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160110 The Day My Daugther Said

The Day My Daughter Said…

“You did a good job today, MaMa.” I knew exactly what she meant as we reminisced about our day and said our good-nights. This past Halloween, while the skies became heavy with threatening rain and the thought of trick-or-treating in gorgeous weather slipped away, I decided to get creative. Despite being surrounded with boxes (we recently […]

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Should Parents Post Pictures of Their Sick Child on Social Media landscape

Should Parents Post Pictures of Their Sick Child on Social Media?

Should Parents Post Pictures of Their Sick Child on Social Media? It’s that season again – more stuffy and runny noses than usual, and the threat of influenza, RSV, flu, stomach bugs and an array of other illnesses. But, if our little ones unfortunately catch one of these contagious bugs, just to name a few, […]

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151004 5 Things Every Home With Children Should Have

5 Things Every Home With Children Should Have

We recently renovated our home, and before I started designing our new layout, my husband and I sat down to discuss our priorities and goals. Every item we considered important had to do with the kids and how our home would “grow” with our children while providing a safe and comfortable environment. And from my […]

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Dear New Orleans,-2

Dear New Orleans :: This HAS To Stop

CRIME. It is one of the reasons we left New Orleans many years ago, but like most New Orleanians, our families, the city’s vibrant culture and, of course, the food, drove us back. Last night a second restaurant in uptown was robbed by gunman while patrons, enjoying a wonderful meal at a New Orleans restaurant serving […]

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The Phenomenon that is Parental Amnesia

The Phenomenon That Is … Parental Amnesia

Unexplained tantrums, horseplay, potty accidents, refusing to eat, difficulties listening and following directions is the reality of rearing a toddler. This is a known fact to parents with toddlers. However, there is an interesting characteristic I have noticed from some parents with children who have left their “nest” during my adventures in motherhood. I like to refer […]

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Tylenol featured image

Celebrating Traditions :: #HowWeFamily

Disclosure :: I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. Our family celebrates many traditions. Being a first generation American, I have incorporated the customs I grew up with, including those typical in New Orleans […]

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