Mom Hack :: The Wonderful Power Nap

I started taking power naps during my son’s first year of life. At the time, I had a newborn, was teaching full-time, taking graduate school courses, and tutoring online part-time. After work, I would pick up my son from daycare, go home, and just stare at the wall because I was so tired. Thinking about […]

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Let’s Talk about the Ugly Moments

So we all have stories about the time the kid threw up in the car, or had an accident in the store and it’s the one time you didn’t pack an extra set of clothes, or the mornings you’re running late and someone spills their milk everywhere, poop in the bathtub, or the public mega […]

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Let Boys Be Boys

I was an aunt before I became a mother. An aunt to a little girl. Then I became a mother to a little boy. Another sweet niece and sweet son followed. My nieces and my sons are different in a lot of ways. It is really fun to get to experience both sides. Motherhood is […]

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Competitive Sports Are Fun, But Safety First!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) as part of their public awareness campaign, At Your Own Risk – Share Your Story.  Competitive Sports Are Fun, But Safety First! Softball, Sports and Safety Precautions I didn’t plan on being a “sports mom.” In fact, I am probably the last person […]

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4th Annual NORD Family Fun Walk and Health Day

4th Annual NORD Family Fun Walk and Health Day Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by NORD. Entergy Presents NORD’s 4th Annual Family Fun 5k Walk in celebration of Park and Recreation Month The New Orleans Recreation Development (NORD) Commission will host its 4th annual Family Fun Walk featuring a 2.2 mile walk around Pontchartrain Park […]

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You’re Gonna Miss This, But You Will Be Okay

I cry every time I hear the song “You’re Gonna Miss This.” If you are unfamiliar with the song, it’s about a woman at different stages in her life talking about how she can’t wait for the next step (graduating high school, moving into a bigger house, and her kids growing out of the pull-your-hair-out stage). At […]

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