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I Feel Sorry for Duchess Kate

Ok I know, I know. Someone or everyone is going to come at me with “she knew what she was getting into” or “she has tons of help and most of us have zero.” I get all of that, I really do. It’s true I have no nanny and I not only dress myself, I […]

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Join the 300 Angels of NOLA Campaign :: Wear Your Wings on May 7th for Our Tricentennial!

Angels are so common that they are on the verge of being annoying … when you Google them, you may as well be Googling kittens or rainbows … they are that prevalent, over-used, and ripe with over-sentimentality. But. They are still the most striking and universal symbol for just about anything we don’t have ample […]

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2018 New Orleans Mom of the Year :: Nominate YOUR Favorite New Orleans Mom

2018 New Orleans Mom of the Year Whether she is a stay at home mom, work from home mom or working mom, her “job” involves so much more than the title implies. She’s the family nurse and the keeper of the calendar. She’s the meal planner and the chef. She’s the chauffeur, the referee, the laundromat, the travel agent. […]

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Happy Earth Day :: Ways to Help Our Planet

Earth Day is approaching quickly. Together over a billion people will celebrate our planet on April 22nd making Earth Day the largest secular holiday observed in the world. Our Earth is beautiful and wonderful. I am fortunate to have gotten to travel to a few various parts of our spectacular planet, but there is so […]

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Clearing the Air: Is It a Cold or Allergies?

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by LCMC Health Urgent Care.  Clearing the Air: Is It a Cold or Allergies? Spring in South Louisiana means a burst of green, crawfish, festivals and sometimes itchy eyes and a runny nose. Yes, along with all of the goodness of spring, many of us experience allergic rhinitis, which […]

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Keeping Date Night a Priority {Our Team’s Favorite Date Night Locations In and Around NOLA}

During our B.C. (before children) days, there were plenty of self-imposed absolutes my husband and I imposed on our future selves as parents. “We will always keep our house organized and clutter-free.” “Our children will never sleep in our bed.” “We will never be those people that only talk about their children.” And so on […]

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Have you volunteered in your kids classrooms lately? I have and let me tell you, I don’t know how teachers do this job day in and day out. Just that one hour of volunteering had me exhausted. In my opinion, I think being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs out there! So when […]

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Stop What You’re Doing And Read This Book

Disclosure :: there are affiliate links embedded below if you’re compelled to read our suggestions! Stop What You’re Doing And Read This Book I know, I know. You’re a mom and the last thing you have time for is reading. Between work and carpool and packing lunches and laundry and sports practice, there is just […]

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