What Gay Dads Are Teaching Everyone on Father’s Day

Expectations of dads have shifted significantly over the past 20-30 years. Remember when Mom was tasked with doing everything while dad came home after work and retreated into the den to catch the game? In the 1980s and 1990s, dads heard new demands from their wives to participate more in childcare. A little later, we’ve […]

What It Means to Be a Father {It’s Better than the Biggest Fish I’ve Ever Caught}

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a father a lot lately. Of course, this is not the first time I thought about it as these thoughts have been on my mind most of my life, as I am fortunate enough to have an incredible dad. The celebration of all the wonderful mothers […]

NOLA Summer Problems

It’s that time of year again – hurricane’s brewing, kids out of school, and it’s too hot outside to move. Yeah, that’s right, it’s summer in NOLA and we have some problems…

To Sibling Class or Not To Sibling Class

We just recently welcomed our fourth baby to our family, so this definitely isn’t our first rodeo with siblings. However, there is one special thing we do each pregnancy and I look forward to it every time. The Sibling Class. Hospitals offer them for free and you bring you kiddo(s) who are about to become […]

Is Sunscreen Really Safe?

We are told apply sunscreen to protect us from skin cancer, but what happened to my son after applying sunscreen has me concerned. One morning, I was getting him ready for water day at school and I grabbed a new bottle of sunscreen. I applied it on his legs, arms and face just like I […]

Two Dads, Two Kids, Two Different Experiences :: Our Journey to Parenthood

Being two gay men who were raised in the deep South, there are some deep rooted insecurities that will most likely always be burned into my brain. Despite living here in New Orleans, little flashes of the past bubble up every now and again. But I have to say, now being two dads living here […]


World Social Media Day

Channel your inner Instagram Influencer and join NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans for World Social Media Day. Stop by Public Service and take a show stopping picture of the Morning After cocktail for your feed. Then head over to Henry’s and bless your timeline one last time with another jaw dropping cocktail, the All The Way.

The Pillowcase Project

Join High Voltage and the American Red Cross on Saturday, June 22 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm at the Nora Navarre Library for a free, interactive preparedness program designed for youth ages 8 to 11. The Pillowcase Project aims to increase awareness and understanding of natural hazards, teach safety and emotional coping skills, as well as […]


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