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Don’t Miss the NOMA Egg Hunt and Family Festival

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by NOMA. Don’t Miss the NOMA Egg Hunt and Family Festival The NOMA Egg Hunt and Family Festival is a fun and joyful event for families featuring arts & crafts, games, drinks, sweets, music, and more. The festival is set within the picturesque Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden […]

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Bragging Rights {Toot Your Own Horn}

Bragging about my accomplishments is not something I would typically consider myself “good” at doing. In fact, most women typically are not good at bragging about themselves. However, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a “Bragging Rights” session through my work’s Women’s Network. How Bragging Rights Works The bragging session is based on […]

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Why An Unscheduled Afternoon Benefits {My} Kids

I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Outside of one 7 week disastrous stint with gymnastics and spring baseball, we are a “no after school activities” household. By this I mean that if it requires mom or dad to pick you up and transport you elsewhere for a stated time, […]

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Family Boxes

How to Sell Your House and Keep Your Sanity (with Kids)

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Katie O’Leary, licensed REALTOR®. How to Sell Your House and Keep Your Sanity (with Kids) Everyone tells you that spring is a great time to sell your house. After a long, cold winter and the rush of the holidays, you might be thinking that a new pad with […]

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Why I Buy Coffee Daily

Yes, it’s true. I literally buy Starbucks Coffee every day. On any given weekday, you can find my swagger wagon pulling into my local Starbucks between 7:50 & 8am daily. I look like a hot mess in my usual black leggings, over sized tee and my hair tossed up under a baseball hat. The drive […]

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This Shouldn’t Be Our Fear

As mothers, we have a lot to fear when it comes to our children’s safety. Electrical outlets, grapes, busy intersections, peanuts, the flu, I could go on and on. Some fears are more reasonable than others, and some fears only affect a portion of us. But we fear the 6 million ways our kids could […]

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Be Aware, Have a Plan and Do Not Give Up

To My Godsons: You know my job, as law enforcement, is to stop bad guys every day, to protect innocent people, and run toward the danger. I take my job seriously and know that my life could be taken at a moment’s notice in order to protect others. Your parents want to keep you safe, […]

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My Children Are Not Owed Playtime

My Children Are Not Owed Playtime :: Implementing Chores After School

Exasperation I spend the whole day running. From 5am-10pm, I’m on the move. Shuffling kids off to school, working 9 hours and then coming home to run some more. The evenings are the hardest. I run room to room picking up toys and folding laundry and washing dishes and wiping up dog prints. I run to help one […]

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