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Defining Your Product: A Seminar for Photographers


In this seminar geared toward artists who are new to selling their photographs, participants will gain industry insight from Jenny’s twenty years of experience in working with photographers, galleries, and collectors. We will discuss how to define your product: price structures, limited editions, and how to develop a concise explanation of your work when communicating with your clients and galleries. We will also discuss best practices for making your work available to buyers – including consignments, sales, and discounts – and go over the necessary paperwork that galleries and collectors expect.

There is no one right way of doing these things; this seminar will arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for yourself and your business. The best solutions come from a thorough understanding of the industry coupled with your personal goals, values, and unique ideas about how you want to make your art available to the world. By discussing the expectations of galleries and collectors, and what systems other artists have successfully put into practice, we will help you define what you sell and perfect your business processes.

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Are You Ready For a New Look? {Sponsored Giveaway :: Makeover and Photography Session}

Having small children can make otherwise routine tasks seemingly impossible. Before children, I often wondered why mothers usually had either extremely long hair or extremely short hair. After my first child, I completely forgot about myself. I was in what I called, a “baby fog.” Life that existed outside my child ceased to exist to […]

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Best Locations for Portraits around New Orleans

Fall (and cooler temps – yay!) is approaching and with that comes the promise of the holiday season. Translation: it’s time to take those family photos for holiday cards! Whether you are hiring a photographer to capture lifestyle portraits or doing them yourself, we have many great, low cost or free locations throughout the New […]

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