school forcing girls to say yes to boys at valentine's day dance

Yes, I’m Angry. You Should Be Too.

“Why do you get so angry?” My husband gently asks me sometimes. He doesn’t understand, and frankly I don’t fully understand either. Sometimes I think things are sexist when the “guy doesn’t mean anything by it.” Sometimes I feel violated when a man makes it known that he is interested in me, and other times […]

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Family Fun at the Sun Belt Basketball Tournament

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by the Sun Belt Conference.  Family Fun at the Sun Belt Basketball Tournament In the world of college sports, basketball dominates the month of March. The flurry of games, both men’s and women’s, has led to the well-known moniker “March Madness.” And here in New Orleans, we get a […]

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Everywhere Else, It’s Just Tuesday …

As I walk into work tomorrow clad in my purple, green, and gold 504 sweatshirt and my kids in their Mardi Gras striped polos, Randazzo’s kingcakes for their classes in hand, everyone will just stare blankly. “Happy Mardi Gras!!!” I’ll say with a huge grin. “Oh that’s today?” they’ll respond with an unsure smile. Secretly […]

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Mardi Gras :: Now and Then

The sounds of drumlines cadence interspersed with the faint wail of a siren. The smell of diesel fuel combined with wafts of hot dogs and hamburgers on barbecue pits. The sights of twinkling lights from the floats as the flames of the flambeaux catch the sequined costumes of the dance troupes as they prepare for […]

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Your Scale is Probably Lying to You :: How to Find Out the Truth with DexaFit

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by DexaFit New Orleans. Your Scale is Probably Lying to You :: How to Find Out the Truth With DexaFit How many of you will raise your hand and admit to fixating on either (A) the number on your bathroom scale (throw it out already!) or (B) how your […]

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