Why We Love Our Elf on the Shelf

Last night our impish Elf on the Shelf, Apple, made her first arrival of the year. The kids have been asking about her for at least two weeks and were excited and happy to see her. She brought them each a chocolate advent calendar along with a note. We’ve been asked that question 437 times […]

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5 Tips to Maintain Wellness During the Holidays

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Touro Infirmary.  5 Tips to Maintain Wellness During the Holidays While the holiday season is a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends, for many of us, it can become a time for overeating, weight gain and stress. The change from your everyday routine can cause you […]

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Why Magazine Subscriptions Make a Great Gift for Kids {Avoiding the Fourth Grade Slump}

Kids Love Stories From birth and beyond, fiction is presented to us and typically, this is where we fall in love with reading. Once Upon a Time … are the words we look for when we know something wonderful is about to happen. We get to travel to distant lands, meet magical creatures and go […]

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Real Men Write About Their {Bamboo} Underwear on the Internet

Disclosure :: tasc Performance, a New Orleans based company, sponsored this review and shared many awesome products to try. However, I’ve already placed a repeat order for more and would NOT be baring all on the Internet if I didn’t really, really like them. tasc Performance Underwear = Game Changer If you are anything like […]

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So This Is Seven

You know how with each age you approach brings new and exciting things? In the beginning, I thought seven just may be my favorite year yet. As we are scarily close to eight, I find myself wondering if eight is going to be great. Because seven … seven is exhausting! My daughter Lexi is my […]

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The Unexpected Boy Mom

When I heard my lovely doctor say “It’s a Boy!” after I delivered my first child, I was in shock. Boy? What did she say? Did she just say boy? I looked at my husband in a panic. No, that can’t be right. I was 100% certain I was having a girl. We decided to […]

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I’m Sorry. I Just Can’t Be a Room Mom.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t be a room mom. It began in August. Within the first three weeks of school, I had already been solicited for multiple volunteer opportunities. School fair tent volunteering, teacher appreciation luncheon sign-ups, PTA board positions and, yes, room mom interest surveys. As someone who has been an overachiever her […]

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6th Annual NOLA ChristmasFest Featuring New Holiday Attractions

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by NOLA ChristmasFest.  6th Annual NOLA ChristmasFest Featuring New Holiday Attractions NOLA ChristmasFest is one of the largest indoor holiday events on the Gulf Coast. NOLA ChristmasFest, a 12-day special holiday event based in downtown New Orleans, will display thousands of dazzling lights and dozens Christmas trees decorated by local […]

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you got this

Hang in There, Mama; You Got This

To the pregnant mom, Everything is uncomfortable. Your husband or employer or both are on your last nerve. If you have a child or children already, you are extra done. You’re peeing every five seconds, crying at the drop of a hat, and your house is never clean enough. As the baby grows and stretches […]

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