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Sorry Kids, Mommy is Working

As a successful small business owner with one employee (that’s me!), my work hours often go well beyond the end of the school day. I pick up my kids each day at the end of their day, and we chat about their school day all the way home. I set them up with their homework and […]

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Bragging Rights {Toot Your Own Horn}

Bragging about my accomplishments is not something I would typically consider myself “good” at doing. In fact, most women typically are not good at bragging about themselves. However, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a “Bragging Rights” session through my work’s Women’s Network. How Bragging Rights Works The bragging session is based on […]

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How to Sell Your House and Keep Your Sanity (with Kids)

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Katie O’Leary, licensed REALTOR®. How to Sell Your House and Keep Your Sanity (with Kids) Everyone tells you that spring is a great time to sell your house. After a long, cold winter and the rush of the holidays, you might be thinking that a new pad with […]

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My Children Are Not Owed Playtime

My Children Are Not Owed Playtime :: Implementing Chores After School

Exasperation I spend the whole day running. From 5am-10pm, I’m on the move. Shuffling kids off to school, working 9 hours and then coming home to run some more. The evenings are the hardest. I run room to room picking up toys and folding laundry and washing dishes and wiping up dog prints. I run to help one […]

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Your Scale is Probably Lying to You :: How to Find Out the Truth with DexaFit

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by DexaFit New Orleans. Your Scale is Probably Lying to You :: How to Find Out the Truth With DexaFit How many of you will raise your hand and admit to fixating on either (A) the number on your bathroom scale (throw it out already!) or (B) how your […]

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When Mama Brings Home the Bacon

Growing up, my dad was the stay-at-home parent. With a significant age difference between my parents, he was on the downhill of his career and my mom was on the uphill. He happily and graciously supported my mom’s progressing career by carpooling, cooking, doing laundry and everything in between. Because that was my norm, I […]

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6th Annual Mardi Gras Mambo Giveaway

Disclosure :: The Mardi Gras Mambo giveaway has been sponsored by the participating businesses below. Businesses paid a nominal fee to cover the time and resources it requires to effectively compile a post of this complexity, but all opinions expressed here are our own. 6th Annual Mardi Gras Mambo Giveaway King cakes, beads and marching bands are […]

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