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I Don’t Miss Having Babies

Recently, I was chatting with a friend, a mom with two little girls. I was lamenting our busy schedule of soccer and homework while she was expressing her relief at their relatively free schedule. But then I countered, “at least mine are self-sufficient.” Sure, there are some great things about having little kids (snuggles, adorable […]

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Five Ways to Make Renovating Your Home Easier {A Mom’s Perspective}

Disclosure :: This post was sponsored by Zippy Shell of Louisiana.  Five Ways to Make Renovating Your Home Easier {A Mom’s Perspective} My husband and I recently purchased a new (to us) home that needed some work before we could settle in. However, staying put in our current home wasn’t an option as we sold […]

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7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt Recap

Disclosure:: Our 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by: Children's Hospital, Touro Infirmary, and Raising Cane's. And a special thanks to the very talented When You Wish Entertainment for hopping over to surprise the children! We could not have made this event fabulous without their support. The title sponsors met with us for multiple walk [...]
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When An Estranged Family Member Dies

It was a normal Tuesday evening. The kids were asleep while my husband and I watched the latest episode of This is Us. All of a sudden my iPhone made a weird ringing noise, apparently someone was calling me via Facebook. I didn’t even know you could do that; I’m obviously behind on the times. […]

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10 Easter Basket Stuffers $5 and Under

Hippity Hop! Easter is slowly creeping up on us. When it comes to Easter baskets, our Bunny tries to fill them with less candy and more with things that our three boys can actually use. However, some of those items can be pricey, like swimsuits and spring or summer clothes. So, this Easter Bunny is […]

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Class Parties :: Stop The Trinkets

I love any excuse to celebrate and be festive. One thing, though, I cannot get behind: trinkets for EVERY holiday at school! Seriously, it is not just Valentines we are passing out, we are “welcome to bring treats” for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents’ Day, Groundhog’s Day, Easter parties, etc. As I write this I am […]

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