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Are You My Last Baby?

You came into this world 2 long days past your due date. Were those my final days of carrying around another life inside me? My labor with you was definitely not as long as your siblings, but in many ways it was harder. I felt so much more. I struggled through the pain. Was that […]

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It Got Better :: Life in the Sweet Spot

Does it really get better? I used to wonder if things would ever get better while I was knee deep in all that comes with raising three kids, three and under. The tl;dr version: yes it does. As my kids, now nine, seven and six, scamper off to play overpriced video games, I look around […]

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Bloom Where You are Planted :: A NOLA Staycation

This post is not sponsored in any way. My family genuinely enjoyed the referenced local businesses and wanted to share our experience with you.  Don’t have the budget or time to travel? Overwhelmed about where to go and what to pack? Does traveling with small ones seem daunting? You’re in luck! If you live in […]

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Saying Goodbye to Our Best Summer Yet

I’m not going to lie I was nervous coming into summer. We decided against sending the boys to camp. So that meant I would have the boys all day everyday for TWELVE WEEKS. I had visions of fighting, boredom, and losing my sanity. One of my fellow SAHM friends jokingly made a bet with me […]

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The Toddler That Almost Broke Me

I love this boy more than anything. I would die for him, but some days I wasn’t sure if that was enough. There would be mornings I would wake up and simply think I just can’t today. Something about me isn’t right for him. I love him but I am just not sure I am […]

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