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A Global Perspective: Why We Chose Immersion

Growing up in New Orleans our education system has always come under criticism for it’s less than stellar record of student performance, funding and lack of diversity, innovation and administrative oversight. Enter Hurricane Katrina. Although this mighty storm and its subsequent levee system failures brought floodwaters, destruction and heartache to the city, she also washed […]

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My Katrina Days

{see also :: New Orleans is Sending Houston LOVE} My Katrina Days :: An Anniversary Reflection We decided to stay. We had just evacuated for the previous storm, spent hours in traffic, and came home to a few leaves on the ground. My dad worked (works) for Allstate insurance, often part of the CAT(astrophy) team. […]

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To the Children of the Floods

Let’s face it Louisiana, it’s been a tough week.  Scratch that. It’s been a tough month. From police shootings to protests and now watching the floodwaters rise and fall while waiting to see which neighborhood the river will consume next has sent my emotions racing across the spectrum as my heart breaks for my fellow […]

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The Toyota Effect

Disclosure :: This post was created in partnership with our sponsor Toyota.  The Toyota Effect When you think of the brand name Toyota, you probably think of cars. But did you know that Toyota has a greater mission? Toyota believes that organizations should have a purpose that is bigger than making money and a responsibility to have […]

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Song of Songs: Katrina

I’ve written about my connection to music before. Though I was graced with zero musical talent, it makes me whole. Grounds me when I’m anxious, makes me happy when I’m sad, and during those times when I just need to be sad, it helps me do that too. It’s no shock that I marked my […]

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Operation Playground: Putting Kids First After the Storm

As Director of Operation Playground for KaBOOM!, I saw a lot in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina, but I’ll never forget the first time I saw ‘Play World’ in New Orleans. It was a hot summer night in 2007.  It was dark outside and too late to be conducting site […]

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