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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First :: Making my Mental Health a Priority

“Put your oxygen mask on first.” A simple, and well-meaning piece of advice I received from my mother-in-law during the first few weeks of my motherhood journey. Although I received what felt like an avalanche of opinions on how to approach this new journey, this one in particular has stuck with me far longer than what […]

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negative self talk

You Are What You Speak

It’s hard to write these things. But I want to tell you that there are words, words that have been said to me that have stuck with me for ten, twenty, and even thirty years. Words so hurtful and deep that their voice resonates, sometimes louder than my loudest circumstances. Words that have made me […]

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Let’s Talk about the Ugly Moments

So we all have stories about the time the kid threw up in the car, or had an accident in the store and it’s the one time you didn’t pack an extra set of clothes, or the mornings you’re running late and someone spills their milk everywhere, poop in the bathtub, or the public mega […]

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You Might Not Even Know

The news alert flashed across my phone as I was trying to get out the door to work. No. &@*%, I muttered to myself as I jammed my key in the door and the hot rush of sadness made its way toward my eyes. No sooner had I set my stuff down at work did I […]

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