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You Have Got to be Kidding Me :: Learning to Get Back Up When Life Keeps Throwing Punches

They say death shows up in threes, which has always stressed me out. But what about illnesses? Broken appliances? Car trouble? Tight finances? Random expenses that have no place in the budget? What number do those show up in? Because I would be willing to say the number does not exist. I have never experienced […]

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Dear Mamas, Chase Your Dreams

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, but my hands are trembling and shaking as I type these words. I have a story to tell and passions to pursue, but so do you, and my passions and dreams aren’t any more noteworthy than yours. It just so happens, my passion is to encourage people. That’s […]

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Choosing Compassion Over Judgement

Oh man. You did it this time. You fumbled. You did something that you know the other parents would surely judge you for. Maybe your child ate a tube of toothpaste. Maybe you meant to change their diaper but it slipped your mind, then later you find poop dried to their reddening bottom. Maybe you […]

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