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From “No Thank You” to “Yes Please” :: Why I’ve Changed My Take on Summer Camp

Why No Camp? Two years ago, I wrote a post explaining why I was a “No Thank You” to summer camp. I cited reasons such as the kids needed unstructured down time and how I was looking forward to time for them to riding bikes, swimming and playing too much Minecraft. Change of Heart Now here I […]

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No School? No Fear! :: 20 Free or Cheap Toddler Approved Activities

“Ding, ding!” It’s your child’s school alerting you of an immediate school closure for many different reasons from professional development day or snow day or no electricity. Or this is a day during one of those never ending holiday breaks where you are ready to scream cause the kids are driving you bonkers. You’re not prepared […]

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2018 Vacation Bible Schools In and Around New Orleans

It’s that time again! The weather is getting warmer and the school year is practically over. Working moms and stay at home moms alike are busy planning their summer months, filling them with activities, vacations and summer camps to keep the boredom at bay. If you’re looking for another affordable option to keep the kids occupied […]

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We Chose Public School

I must confess I have been guilty of living in my own privileged bubble. It wasn’t until I had a child approaching school age that I began to think about public schools in my area, Jefferson Parish. I had just ignored issues that were all around me. Not because I didn’t think they applied to […]

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I Think My Child Has a Learning Disability. What Do I Do?

I Think My Child Has a Learning Disability. What Do I Do? Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Atlas Psychiatry and was written by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Laura Niditch, Ph.D. Warning Signs Your child’s grades are slipping. He can’t keep up with his peers, and he doesn’t seem to be making progress despite hours helping him […]

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