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What I Learned When We Renovated Our Bathroom

Once we decided not to move and to stay in our house we started making renovation plans. We knew that our biggest undertaking was also the one about which I would be the most excited, and it was time. I was more than ready to say goodbye to that purple sink and dingy shower! We […]

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Sew Obsessed: Taking up a New Hobby at 43

Right after Mardi Gras (worst timing ever), I was at a local craft store with the boys. They were going through a Pixar phase and were especially obsessed with The Incredibles. We went to look for some fabric for a pillowcase (I can sew a straight line, surely?) but there was nothing Incredibles-themed, so we […]

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No School? No Fear! :: 20 Free or Cheap Toddler Approved Activities

“Ding, ding!” It’s your child’s school alerting you of an immediate school closure for many different reasons from professional development day or snow day or no electricity. Or this is a day during one of those never ending holiday breaks where you are ready to scream cause the kids are driving you bonkers. You’re not prepared […]

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