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We Don’t Fight About Money

I don’t want to give anybody the impression that we have a perfect marriage free of any confrontation. Because that simply is not true. Also, we don’t not fight about money because we have plenty of it. That is again very not true. We are comfortable, but with 5 people in our family, our budget […]

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Dear NOLA, I’m Proud of You

All last week, it was all I could do to contain my excitement for Sunday. By Sunday morning the emotions were almost palpable. My kids and I danced to Choppa all morning until it was time to head to the Dome. I have been fortunate enough to attend a decent number of Saints games. It’s […]

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Bath Time is His Deal

There’s sort of an unspoken rule at our house. If my husband is home, he’s the one giving the kids a bath. I should say that there are usually at least a few nights a week he’s not here for the dreaded witching hour (hours?), but when he is home, bath time is his thing. […]

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Why I Go In Public With 3 Kids Solo

We recently got new neighbors to our right. The day they moved in, the kids and I went over and introduced ourselves and brought them a little housewarming gift. One evening a few weeks later, I was outside and talking with our neighbor to our left. I noticed someone had cut our grass (I have […]

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Are You My Last Baby?

You came into this world 2 long days past your due date. Were those my final days of carrying around another life inside me? My labor with you was definitely not as long as your siblings, but in many ways it was harder. I felt so much more. I struggled through the pain. Was that […]

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The Toddler That Almost Broke Me

I love this boy more than anything. I would die for him, but some days I wasn’t sure if that was enough. There would be mornings I would wake up and simply think I just can’t today. Something about me isn’t right for him. I love him but I am just not sure I am […]

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Let’s Talk about the Ugly Moments

So we all have stories about the time the kid threw up in the car, or had an accident in the store and it’s the one time you didn’t pack an extra set of clothes, or the mornings you’re running late and someone spills their milk everywhere, poop in the bathtub, or the public mega […]

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