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Why Can’t I Enjoy This More?

I feel like as a mom I go through phases. Sometimes I am confident and happy and I know I am giving my best self to my children. I make an effort to truly enjoy each precious moment together. Then there are times where it can feel as though motherhood just might swallow me whole. […]

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Is Together Forever Possible?

Marriage is hard. There seem to be days when no matter how hard we try, my husband and I cannot get on the same page. We have at least recognized this in ourselves, and in those moments, he calls us Scarlett and Rhett, with hopefully a much less tragic ending. I can remember being a […]

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The Stroller Every New Orleans Mom Needs

Disclosure :: Britax sponsored this post. Thanks to the generosity of our partner 5 different Louisiana moms had the chance to try out the new wheels and all of us agreed that this stroller is one we can enthusiastically endorse. All opinions expressed below are my own.  The Stroller Every New Orleans Mom Needs Let’s talk baby and toddler gear. First off, […]

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A Case for Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is fairly uncommon here in America. In fact, when I told some people that my husband would be taking a paternity leave with our third baby, several had never even heard of the phrase paternity leave. Back in 2012 when my oldest was born, my husband was working full time as a nurse […]

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The First 24 Hours Home as a Mom of 3

We pulled into the driveway freshly discharged from the hospital, exhausted and with our 24 hour old third baby in tow. The two older boys were eagerly awaiting our arrival. It was game on. We were now the parents of three, a fact that still hasn’t totally sank in. Once in the door, it’s the […]

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Why I Try and Always Say Sorry to My Kids

I am not perfect. There I said it. Life is hard and sometimes my fuse is short. I let work stress, marital disputes, financial worries, climate change, you name it stress me out sometimes. I don’t always have the patience I should with my kids. It can feel as though there just aren’t enough hours […]

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