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2018 Guide to New Orleans Area Pumpkin Patches

Here is your guide to New Orleans Pumpkin Patches! We've done all the research for you to find the pumpkin patches and fall activities all across the New Orleans area. We hope this helps make your fall season filled with family friendly activities!! New Orleans French Quartour Kids Spooky History Tour  Location: Scheduled when you call [...]
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Please Don’t Pass the Veggies :: Why I Stopped Pressuring My Children To Eat Their Veggies and Other Stuff

“Eat your veggies, stop holding that blanket and get your thumb out of your mouth.” We’ve heard these said a million times; I’ve said them a million times. But why? Sometimes in parenthood there is a time to just throw in the towel. Kids feel pressure every day. Pressure at school, pressure with friends and […]

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About Seven and Nine

My two oldest daughters are 7 and 9. I don’t know where those years went. They don’t seem that long ago, and at the same time they feel like a distant memory. They are a blur of having three babies all two years apart. They are in between still being a baby and heading into […]

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