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I'm Tired But It's Changing

Motherhood is Changing, But I’m Still Tired

“Does it get easier?” My friend asked me at a birthday party, his hair a mess and his eyes red. He changed his little one’s diaper while his toddler clung to his leg, saying (screaming) “daddy” repeatedly. His wife was nearby, breastfeeding their newborn. Both looked as if they hadn’t slept in years. I’d been […]

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What I Learned When We Renovated Our Bathroom

Once we decided not to move and to stay in our house we started making renovation plans. We knew that our biggest undertaking was also the one about which I would be the most excited, and it was time. I was more than ready to say goodbye to that purple sink and dingy shower! We […]

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Why We Love Our Elf on the Shelf

Last night our impish Elf on the Shelf, Apple, made her first arrival of the year. The kids have been asking about her for at least two weeks and were excited and happy to see her. She brought them each a chocolate advent calendar along with a note. We’ve been asked that question 437 times […]

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