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I Miss the Cartoons

Yes, you read that right. I miss the cartoons. The high pitched, noisy, sometimes shrill cartoons that get beaten into your brain and you find yourself humming entirely too often, when not even around a television. The ones whose jingles you hate but you know every word to the opening song. Guessing the tool needed […]

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I Will See You In My Dreams

My girls are generally good sleepers. My first has been an amazing sleeper since birth, and well once we got through that first brutal year with the second, it has been mostly easy peasy. However, every so often they will wage war against bedtime. And what kid has not had that very battle in your […]

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Sorry Kids, Mommy is Working

As a successful small business owner¬†with one employee (that’s me!), my work hours often go well beyond the end of the school day. I pick up my kids each day at the end of their day, and we chat about their school day all the way home. I set them up with their homework and […]

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Letting Go of the Family Pet

Our love story started at a dog park, over 10 years ago. It is where we first met, surrounded by barks and jumping dogs. Fast forward to today. We had two young active school aged girls, my husband’s advancing career and pursuing advanced schooling, my growing business that I built from the ground up, and […]

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My Katrina Days

{see also :: New Orleans is Sending Houston LOVE} My Katrina Days :: An Anniversary Reflection We decided to stay. We had just evacuated for the previous storm, spent hours in traffic, and came home to a few leaves on the ground. My dad worked (works) for Allstate insurance, often part of the CAT(astrophy) team. […]

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