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Anger and Fatherhood

My jaw clenches. My hands curl into fists. My face tightens into a scowl. It could be any number of small indiscretions from my kids. Arguing not to go to bed. Whining not to have to do homework. Splashing too much in the bathtub. But the end result is always the same, just to different […]

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Anxiety and Motherhood

I’ve always had a mind that constantly races, even as a child. I remember my thoughts going so fast that my mouth couldn’t keep up. I would stutter and then become embarrassed. Little did I know that back then, I’m sure I suffered with the same symptoms as I do now. Anxiety. It’s something that most […]

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Mothering our Mothers

I dedicate this piece to my late mother Esther Alston, my loving sister friends and all of the elder women who have mothered and nurtured me. Something’s in the air April 19th, 2018 was more than just a typical day. There was something magical in the air that evening – something that brought together women […]

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