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Losing a Parent While Becoming One

A few days before my dad’s 58th birthday, he passed away surrounded by a room full of friends and family. My sister and I had our hands on his heart when it beat for the last time, and we both felt the last hot breath that he exhaled on our tear-streaked faces. Both my sister and I had […]

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On Raising Biracial Children

On Raising Biracial Children When my then five year old son asked me when he could have a little sister or brother, it made me really sad  … and not just because I’m not planning on ever adding to our tiny, easy to manage family unit. He asked for his sibling to be white like me. […]

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Finding Your Mom BFF

If your social skills are rusty since laboriously inviting new humans into this sometimes inhospitable world, you might be having a hard time making new friends at the playground. I am finally putting an end to a long dry spell and have a bit of advice to share on what to say when you’re trying to move in on a cool […]

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My New (School) Year Resolutions

My New (School) Year Resolutions Now that I have finally admitted that I am in fact, in my mid-thirties and a pretty darned responsible mother, the beginning of the school year is infinitely more significant than the start of an actual calendar year. Gone are the days of lighting bottle rockets out of my teeth […]

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Panthertown sans panthers, bears, black widows or snakes

Nature as Therapy for Families

Nature as Therapy for Families Perhaps I am biased on the subject since I practically grew up outdoors, but this past month I realized just how badly kids and parents need nature adventures together. My sister was in charge of planning our 2016 family reunion and rented an enormous cabin in the woods near her home […]

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