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A Travel System That Makes Life Easier :: Sign This Mom Up Today!

Disclosure :: Thanks to the generosity of our partners at Britax, 4 different Louisiana moms had the chance to try out the new B-Mobile Stroller and all of us agreed that this stroller is one we can enthusiastically endorse. Any Amazon links included in this post are affiliate links. All opinions expressed below are my own.  A Travel System That Makes Life Easier :: […]

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To the Mom Dealing with a Diagnosis

Becoming a mom (whether the first time or the tenth) is such an overwhelming thing. You are equally happy and terrified. You know everything could be absolutely incredible, but things could also go incredibly wrong. Then there are all the hormones that go along with having a baby. I remember dreaming and thinking of each […]

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What 2017 Taught Me About Friendship

Friendships are hard as you become an adult … at least, they are for me. For some of us, making friends is hard from the very beginning. I remember back to fourth grade specifically where I had three best friends. The good news is that I remained good friends with two of them through high […]

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What Homeschooling Looks Like To Us

Homeschooling is not something I ever imagined myself doing, yet here we are. I am still enjoying it most days, and my daughter seems to be thriving. Now, I don’t want to falsely lead you here. Yes, we homeschool, but I don’t teach her. So I guess you could consider it halfway homeschool. There are […]

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Just Your Typical Sunday After Church Lunch

The state that our country is in right now is downright scary and heartbreaking. Today after church, we took our family out to get a little KFC  before we headed home. We waited for our food, started eating, and were just talking while we ate. This man came in with his bag hiding his beer. […]

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When You Don’t Know What To Say

Words are powerful. With the best intentions and the worst intentions, your words can build a person up or tear them down in no time at all. When I was growing up, my mom always told us that our words are like toothpaste, and once they’re out, you can’t put it back in. She was […]

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