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Class Parties :: Stop The Trinkets

I love any excuse to celebrate and be festive. One thing, though, I cannot get behind: trinkets for EVERY holiday at school! Seriously, it is not just Valentines we are passing out, we are “welcome to bring treats” for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents’ Day, Groundhog’s Day, Easter parties, etc. As I write this I am […]

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Presents with a Purpose: Especially Eden Baskets

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Eden House, an organization which provides comprehensive recovery services to survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  Presents with a Purpose: Especially Eden Baskets We are quickly approaching THAT time of year (aka the holidays) where gift giving amplifies. My own family’s list seems to grow each […]

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The 30s ROCK

To be perfectly honest, the thought of turning 30 was daunting to me. It was a scary milestone for me and for a lot my friends too. Personally, I felt like I had to assess my life and make sure I was “where I was suppose to be” at 30. I even set a personal goal […]

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My 5 Year Old Got Glasses

In the beginning of the summer, my friend mentioned all the doctors appointments she had to make for her kids, and one was the eye doctor. My immediate response was “why? they are so little! I have ZERO concerns about my boys’ eyes.” Oh the irony in that statement. Not even 2 weeks later, I […]

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Investing in People That Invest in Me

Being from New Orleans, you always have a connection to people. Friendships here go way back. I met four of my closest friends in the 4th grade. My husband’s three best friends went to kindergarten with him. We have “aunts and uncles” who aren’t blood relatives. Relationships run deep. Having been raised in a culture where the […]

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