2018 Best NOLA Dad Winner!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2018 Best NOLA Dad is ::

Ryan Plaisance

{Nominated by :: Kim Plaisance}

My husband Ryan is the most loving, selfless dad that I know. I love how he is a constant example of what a dad should be for our two boys. My nine year old is always saying how he wants to be just like his dad when he grows up. Here is the essay that he wrote for his dad:

My Best Dad

I think my dad is the best dad in New Orleans because he plays baseball with me and my brother. We love to do math and spelling. I got good grades with his encouragement and four awards too. We go in the pool and dad throws me far and I like it. His name is Ryan and I love his unique name. We play different games all the time. He works so hard for me and my family. He cooks yummy food for me and my family. He works at Entergy on the computer. He has showed me what it means to be a great dad some day. I love my dad so so much. ~Aiden Plaisance

Please consider Ryan for this award. He shows my boys every day how we are partners in life. There are no gender roles in this household and he is quick to show his kids that a man can cook, clean, wash clothes, do chores, and have fun with his family. He is our rock and deserves to be recognized!

Congratulations Ryan! You are the 2018 Best NOLA Dad and the winner of the fabulous prize package giveaway valued over $500 including:

We would like to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of the AMAZING dads out there!

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