Join us for an Open House at McGehee!

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Join us for an Open House at McGehee!

Parents interested in McGehee for their daughters are encouraged to join us for an admission open house. The spirit on campus is contagious, and we encourage you to experience it firsthand. We are small by design yet our accomplishments are big.  Join us for an admission open house on Thursday, January 11th or Thursday, January 25th from 8:30-10 am, for grades PK-12 (Click here to register for one of our open houses).

Often it begins in Little Gate, when a teacher gently asks her what she thinks, and she smiles shyly before responding. In Lower School, and even more so in Middle School, she readily shares the ideas bubbling in her bright mind. She doesn’t need a teacher to prompt her now; she is asserting herself. During Upper School, she finds it — she finds her voice. It is strong and it will never leave her.

She studies at the best colleges in the U.S. and beyond. Empowered by McGehee to adopt and thrive in a world of continual evolution and revolution, she will someday reimagine protective suits for brave doctors battling Ebola. She will explore iconic images of queens, presidents and rock stars. She will rebuild cities broken by historic catastrophe. No matter what or where or when, she will define success on her own terms. She is a McGehee woman in every way and she is leading.

Analytical. Compassionate. Competitive. Confident. Creative. Curious. Eloquent. Honest. Independent. Innovative. Kind. Resilient. Tech-savvy. Thoughtful.

She embraces McGehee’s traditions, but she is not a traditional thinker. She speaks her mind, but listens with an open mind. She is a self-assured leader, but a loyal team player. Like many sisters and daughters who have graduated from McGehee the past 100 years, she is simply a more complete woman.

She remembers in 2nd grade how the word ‘Honor’ seemed out of place in a girls’ school. But as she grows up at McGehee, she notices how the Honor Code is influencing her thinking outside school. She realizes Honor is synonymous with Integrity and Dignity. She starts treating friends and strangers with the same measure of respect. Confronted with difficult decisions, she makes better personal choices, even when no one is watching. It’s not just McGehee’s Honor Code any more — it’s a code by which she lives her life.

Successful girls possess a combination of self-esteem, resilience and grit. McGehee goes the extra mile in teaching girls critical skills for the 21st century. At McGehee, we create a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance, and the discovery and development of a girl’s individual potential is paramount.  

McGehee Leading Women. Come see for yourself. Join us for an open house or schedule a private tour by calling 504-561-1224.


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