Momma Gets Crafty :: DIY Lifesize Jenga

DIY Lifesize Jenga

Crafting is my jam. I love everything about it. And I’d love to take it a step further and venture into woodworking. But I am learning that some things you’re really good at … and others you’re … well, not so good at. Woodworking is one of those things I am not good at. However, this DIY was so easy that I am convinced that anyone could do it.

On Halloween night, we threw together a last minute gathering and had about 24 hours to prep. We wanted to get a giant Jenga, but being the frugal family that we are, we decided we could make our own for half the price.

Pinterest to the rescue!

There were plenty of tutorials out there, and after reading a few, we decided to wing it. We headed to Home Depot and picked up 8 – 2×4’s and some sand paper. Are you sure you’re ready for just how easy this is? The only tools that we used were a handheld sander and a saw.


Step One:

Cut your 2×4’s into 10 inch pieces.

Step Two:

Sand all the pieces down so they aren’t scraping or cutting you.

Step Three:

Set up Jenga and play!

Eventually, I plan on staining all of the pieces, but for now, who really has time for all of that??

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