Making the Most of Your Visit to Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch

Making the Most of Your Visit to Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch

I hear such mixed reviews about Mrs. Heather’s, and it seems to me the biggest problem is that people just don’t know what to expect. I polled the NOMB writers and we came up with this list of tips that will help you make the most of your trip to Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch. A visit to this farm can be an incredible experience, but preparation is key.

Road Tripping

For many of us, it’s a long drive so prepare the littles in advance. Snacks, movies, books, games … Don’t make the mistake of telling your kids there are only 10 minutes left when you’re close, because on busy days/times there is often a 20-minute or more wait in traffic once you get about 1/4 mile away from the farm.

Pack a picnic lunch, bring your own cold drinks & snacks. The only food items available once you’re on property are usually bottled drinks and snack bags of chips for about $1. There are plenty of areas to have a picnic as well as picnic tables under shaded cover. We often bring a wagon with supplies and park it until we need it.

What to Wear

Wear sunblock and bug spray as the area is very open with little shade, and it’s a farm so bugs are imminent.

Wear comfortable shoes (lots of walking), closed-toe are preferred since the majority of the area is dirt.

Know where there are photo ops and get to those before you get dirty and sweaty: in large field (character-cutouts), near barn (hay bails), near wooden milking cow, at rolling hill, etc… Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty but that will look great in photos too! 

What to Bring

Bring as many adults as possible, particularly when bringing multiple children. The play areas are spread out, with lots of fun things to do in each area, which can make it tough to keep everyone together, especially if you have larger age gaps. Invite the grandparents to come along or maybe buddy-up and go with another family to help wrangle!

Bring hand sanitizer and baby-wipes. The bathrooms are pretty much outhouses so think Mardi-Gras style prep, here.

Bring a change of clothes and shoes for when you get back to the car. You will leave dirty, sweaty and tired! Use those baby-wipes to clean those tiny toes and get clean socks on the kiddos. Bring a trash bag to throw the dusty clothes in to keep your car from getting soiled.

It’s Worth It!

Mrs. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch IS worth the trouble if you prepare. The photos and the memories keep us going back year-after year! If you aren’t looking for this type of experience, there are lots of other pumpkin patch options available for your family here.

Let us know how you prepare for a trip to Mrs. Heather’s in the comments!

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