Sodapalooza is Back at RaceTrac!

Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post by RaceTrac, but all views and opinions are our own. 

Dog Days of Summer Are Just Around the Corner :: Stay Hydrated with Sodapalooza at RaceTrac

After essentially missing winter this year, I feel those hot days of summer quickly approaching. The school year is coming to a close, schedules are becoming less rigid and the sun is really starting to bake down on us.Sodapalooza at RaceTrac As I try to fill my kids’ schedules for summer there is one thing that we all need to get through the day; a nice cold drink!

Did you know that you can go to RaceTrac and buy a Sodapalooza cup for $11.99 and enjoy unlimited free refills all summer long? That’s right. You purchase the cup one time and you’re free to walk in anytime over the summer and cool off with an icy beverage.

I personally can’t make it through summer without a cold iced tea. I can drink it by the gallon and I’m always on the look out for the freshest brew. I love loading the kids up for the pool, grabbing our Sodapalooza cups and stopping by to get a nice cold fountain drink of our choice. Nobody has to share or agree, this is one thing they pick on their own and they love it. My older kids like to mix crazy concoctions that end up looking like a mad scientists’ experiment while the baby prefers a simple sports drink. I keep it simple; lots of ice and some fresh brewed tea. Done.

Since baseball is life for us during the summer, the kids love that they can grab a sports drink in their cup and have something sweet to help them rehydrate during the game. I like that I don’t have to keep it stocked in the fridge and it’s a simple stop on the way to the ball field.

A Few Ways to Sweeten the Deal

If you’re looking to save even a few more dollars, you can download the RaceTrac Rewards app via any iOS or Android phone and get $2 off your cup, making it only $9.99 for all the drinks you can handle through July 21st. If the deal alone wasn’t enough, your cup will also come with coupons you can use throughout the summer and if you follow of social media, you’ll be the first to know about promotions and even giveaways.

Sometimes saving a little money here and there helps out in the best ways. This is one way I get to say “yes” to my kids and everybody leaves happy. That’s always a win for mom.

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  1. Sandra @Moderndaygramma May 23, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

    Thank you! I LOVE these! I’m going to stop there this weekend and grab me one. I’m in Jefferson Parish, LOVE the blog!

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