10 Reasons Why My New Nickname is “Buzzkill”

Until recently my nickname was pretty easy, “Mom, Momma, Trace (short for Tracy), etc.

Lately, though, I have noticed I have seemed to have acquired a new nickname, “Buzzkill.”

The nickname flashes in my head like a brightly lit neon sign when I walk in a room, and my kiddos and their father get “that look” when they see me. You know the look … the “I don’t know whether to laugh or run” look. Or maybe it’s the “She’s totally going to freak out” look.

Sometimes I just sigh, and go ahead and admit defeat and tell them Buzzkill has entered the room.

Here are 10 reasons why I am called “Buzzkill” in our house:

1.  Going swimming that day does not constitute a bath.

2.  Yelling “1978 Style!” does not give the kids the right not to wear a seatbelt.

3.  Moon Pies and root beer are not a proper dinner -especially for consecutive days.

4.  Letting kids touch sharp objects is not a “Life lesson.”

5.  Loudly burping or farting in public is not a “Part of life” and/or okay.

6.  The bottom and / or sleeve of a shirt is not an acceptable tissue.

7.  Using a wash cloth to wipe teeth is not an acceptable replacement for brushing teeth.

8.  Random squirts of whipped cream or Cheez Whiz from the fridge does not constitute not a snack.

9.  The “Sniff Test” on clothing is not an “excellent” indicator of cleanliness.

10.  “Because it is day time,” does not make Bourbon Street kid-friendly.

Do you have any funny scenarios that make you the “Buzzkill” of your house?

2 Responses to 10 Reasons Why My New Nickname is “Buzzkill”

  1. DBCV May 18, 2017 at 8:22 am #

    This is so funny and rings true to me as well, except I call it “club DREAD”! Sometimes it seems that the MOM has to be the “bad Guy”. Let’s hope that one day they will appreciate it! thanks for the laugh!

    • Tracy May 18, 2017 at 2:15 pm #

      Lol! Club Dread sounds about right 🙂

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