Grandchildren Friendly Outings in New Orleans :: 25 Unique Ideas For Your Family

Whether you’re in New Orleans simply to visit your grandchildren or whether you live in New Orleans as a grandparent year round, you may be wondering what activities across New Orleans are family friendly. Maybe your New Orleans grandchildren are out of ideas of their own, or maybe you’re simply looking for a new adventure. Whatever the reason, we are so happy you found this list of outings to enjoy with your grandchildren here in New Orleans.

bonnabel boat launch

25 Things To Do With Your Grandchildren in New Orleans

  1. Enjoy a Tea Party or take Cooking Classes at A Spoonful of Sugar. After all, most grandchildren love food!
  2. Take your grandkids on a day trip to Fontainebleau. Just a short trip over the Causeway, this State park is a favorite with our littles because they have a splash pad, a beach (yes, all the messy sand!) and lots of hiking trails. Admission is only $2 a person, with kids under 3 FREE. {Hint to grandparents :: sing songs all the way across the bridge, take a picnic and make a day of it}
  3. We assure you that your grandchildren would adore a visit to Proofed for donuts. With their new menu featuring a lineup of Kolaches and an Italian Soda bar, both New Orleans grandchildren and grandparents will come home full and happy!
  4. For another sweet treat, bring your grandchildren to enjoy stuffed snowballs at Sal’s! Seriously … rainbow snowballs filled with ice cream? What New Orleans treat could be better?
  5. Indulge the grandchildren with a candy spree at Rocket Fizz, New Orleans. At this French Quarter candy store, they carry every candy you can imagine, even the discontinued kinds from when Grandma and Grandpa were little kids. This destination in New Orleans sparks great conversation and adorable childhood stories – makin’ memories!
  6. For the older grandchildren, ride on a bike taxi through the French Quarter. Bike Taxi Unlimited can carry 3 passengers per bike (4 if the kids are little) and are an exciting way to scoot around the city. The kids will love this unique ride through New Orleans, and grandparents will love not having to walk 8 blocks to the French Market!
  7. Visit The French Market and participate in the variety of children’s activities they have scheduled!
  8. Check out The Striped Hat, an art gallery devoted to Dr. Seuss. Your New Orleans grandchildren will truly enjoy the colorful art and exciting scenes that the gallery displays.
  9. Take a trip to the Louisiana Children’s Museum. Educational fun awaits, with life size bubbles, art projects, science experiments and an “old cabin” where you can teach the littles to boil crawfish over a fire or chase the grandchildren through the tree tunnels!Grandparents_P
  10. Grab some treats and feed the birds at Lafreniere Park, New Orleans City Park or Bonnabel Boat Launch. For a special treat, try feeding ducks cracked corn, fresh peas or grape halves. Pigeons love corn and barley! The grandchildren can munch on the peas and grapes, too! {Hint :: there are also beignets within City Park and snowballs at Lafreniere}
  11. Swimming with your grandchildren at the YMCA or JCC is always a fun time. With the heat in the South, swimming pools almost always offer a refreshing way to spend the afternoon.
  12. City Park has become a central part of our family’s hangout time! Fishing is a favorite pastime for all generations. City Park offers several spots to fish, including a Fishing Pier on Marconi Avenue. Don’t forget your fishing license! Mini golf at City Putt is a trip guaranteed to bring joy (and possibly a bit of competition) to your grandchildren. Visit the Carousel for a nostalgiac experience, guaranteed to please grandchildren of all ages! To make a day of it, your paid admission to the Amusement Park will include admission to the Botanical Garden and Storyland.
  13. Take your grandchildren on a beignet date at Café du Monde. Together, you can pretend you are eating mountains of snow on boulders at the classic French Quarter spot, or hit up one of the 8 other locations in the area. Just remember not to wear black!
  14. Take your grandchildren on a Horse Drawn Carriage ride from Royal Carriages. Bump along with the majestic horses as they trot their way around New Orleans pulling you in an old-style carriage. When it’s cold, they even have blankets to snuggle under. With tours as short as 30 minutes, you can treat the kiddos to a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!
  15. Ride scooters with your grandchildren on Riverwalk Boardwalk! Throw the scooters in the trunk and head over to Riverwalk. It’s a fun way to cruise along the Mississippi River in New Orleans. Also consider the majestic (and brand new) Crescent Park. There’s plenty of space for wild grandchildren to run free, watch boats and enjoy New Orleans views.
  16. Streetcar rides are always a hit with our littles. They love the sound of the tracks, the amazing variety of people they get to see and the wind in their hair. At only $1.50, you can’t beat the price!
  17. Go see a play with your grandchildren at the Saengar Theater. Upcoming showings for 2015 include The Little Mermaid, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and more!
  18. Create keepsakes by painting pottery at one of several locations in and around New Orleans, including Chez Clay Ceramic Studio, Posh Paint Pub or The Creative Cottage. If pottery isn’t your thing, channel your inner Rembrandt and head over to Painting with a Twist to create your perfect canvas. {Hint :: swap completed art with the kids for a fun memory for each of you!}
  19. Have a fancy ice cream date at Creole Creamery! Let your little monsters, er grandchildren, munch on a Cookie Monster while you relax with a Lavender-Honey sundae. For an extra special treat, dress up in your fanciest clothes and eat with your pinkie up!
  20. Round-trip Ferry rides from Canal Street to Algiers and back are a unique way to spend time with your grandchildren. They get to see the water, barges and boats up close. Bring a lovey to occupy the littlest of your group, as the round trip ride takes about 30 minutes. It’s sure to be a lasting memory and provide great views of New Orleans for all of you!
  21. Play some games at +1 Gaming in Metairie, where they have a slew of brand-new board games you can borrow (or rent to take home) with tables to sit & play for free in the store. The bigger grandchildren can experience an incredible array of board games in a whole new way! You can even bring your own and play in the store for a change of pace.
  22. Play at Kids Connection park in Mandeville for hours of shaded fun. With musical instruments, spider webs, sand pits, tire swings and a variety of handicap aquariumaccessible options, this park has been dubbed by my husband’s mother as “the best park ever.” If you don’t want to make the drive, there are tons of playgrounds closer. We’re so very lucky that New Orleans has a plethora of playgrounds to choose from!
  23. Sometimes it’s simply too hot or rainy to play outside. Our favorite indoor playground is Palm Tree Playground in Metairie. With a snack bar featuring coffee for the grandparents and snacks for the littles, all needs are met. Palm Tree is great for grandkids of all ages – it even has a designated baby area!
  24. Go to one of the destinations brought to us by the Audubon Institute for the most facinating sights that “kids” of all ages will love! The Insectarium and Butterfly Garden is a sight to see, the Aquarium and IMAX Theater is always a fun, fishy hit and the Zoo offers endless hours of fun. My children especially love when their Grandparents take them because they get chocolate covered bananas at the Zoo and Pizza at the Aquarium.
  25. Take the grandchildren on a walking tour of the French Quarter with French Quartour Kids! These fun, educational tours will teach you the geography, history and culture of New Orleans in an exciting jaunt about the city. For the littlest grandkids (4-7 years old) there’s even dress up, map reading and clue following!

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