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Teaching My Kids to Go Everywhere

I remember the conversation as one of those few vivid, clear moments during the first few weeks of survival post-partum after bringing our firstborn home. Sitting in the pediatrician’s office for our one week checkup, laden with the necessities of our one-hour outing: infant carseat, nursing coverups, a completely stocked diaper bag and extra blankets (in […]

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Kids in the Kitchen -- Cooking Skills and Safety Rules (1)

Kids in the Kitchen :: Cooking Skills and Safety Rules

Like I mentioned in my last post, despite the benefits, we still get weary about allowing our kids to cook with us. Especially the young ones. The key, is to understand what skills our kids should have at different ages. Having this understanding allows us to safely foster their independence, while allowing us an opportunity to […]

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headache clinic

Win the Headache Battle with the Pediatric Headache Clinic at Children’s Hospital

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital.  A headache is one of the most common complaints encountered in medicine, as most everyone has experienced a headache at some point in their lives. Many people began experiencing headaches in their youth, making headache a common reason for visits to the pediatrician’s office. Studies around […]

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Easter Events 2 - Copy

2017 Guide to Easter Events Around New Orleans

2017 Guide to Easter Events Around New Orleans Part of being a NOLA mom is knowing that there is always a celebration in the midst. Now that Mardi Gras is over, it is time to start looking toward the next big holiday celebration – EASTER! If you are looking for something fun to do during […]

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Egg Scramble - 1000 by 550 image

Attend the Egg Scramble in New Orleans City Park’s Carousel Gardens!

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by New Orleans City Park. Attend the Egg Scramble in New Orleans City Park’s Carousel Gardens! Join us on April 8, 2017 for the Egg Scramble in New Orleans City Park’s Carousel Gardens. This year’s event is going to be egg-cellent with over 36,000 eggs for your kids to find! […]

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One Simple Tip to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy :: Let Them Cook!

As an occupational therapist, I have a strong desire to encourage independent living skills with my kids. At a very early age, I was encouraging them to dress themselves, brush their own teeth, bathe themselves … any life skill, it didn’t matter, I wanted them to be able to do for themselves. Cooking is one […]

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Step-By-Step Guide for Bring Your Own Mardi Gras Snack Bag for Kids

The Ever-Starving Child and the Mardi Gras Snack Bag If your children are anything like mine, they are shoveling food into their mouths almost constantly while simultaneously complaining they’re hungry. They eat ALL THE TIME. Parading for hours is a blast, but listening to them whine about food when you just left Popeyes is impossible. […]

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Give Mardi Gras a Chance {Tips for Family Fun from a NOLA Mom}

I grew up going to Mardi Gras, just like my dad did and just like my own children will. I remember when the Arthur Hardy magazine would hit the shelves each year and scrolling through in awe at the pictures on each page. I remember the wide-eyed amazement I felt as a little girl taking […]

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