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Cucumber Caprese Salad

Recipe :: Cucumber Caprese Salad

One of my favorite things to eat is Caprese salad. Which is weird because I really don’t like raw tomatoes, but I digress. This is the salad I eat frequently when I’m attempting clean eating, and it’s what I make and eat every day during our annual week at the beach when I need a […]

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Secrets From a No-Recipe Kitchen

It’s no secret that I love cooking. Both of my parents were born in the New Orleans area and raised by mothers who loved cooking. I have fond memories of suppers at my grandmother’s house on Sundays packed with family and hot food. She made cooking look easy and fun. Baked macaroni and cheese, seafood […]

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One Simple Tip to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy :: Let Them Cook!

As an occupational therapist, I have a strong desire to encourage independent living skills with my kids. At a very early age, I was encouraging them to dress themselves, brush their own teeth, bathe themselves … any life skill, it didn’t matter, I wanted them to be able to do for themselves. Cooking is one […]

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Holiday Cocktails

Making Spirits Bright Holiday Cocktail Recipes Curated by Sazerac

Disclosure :: Sazerac Company sponsored this fun holiday campaign! Making Spirits Bright With Holiday Cocktail Recipes Curated by Sazerac The holidays are just around the corner. For some of us that may mean cookie parties, corporate holiday parties or long trips to see the in laws, and for others it may just mean sipping a holiday […]

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Peace Meal :: Choosing a Dietary Lifestyle that Suits Your Family

When I get on social media, I feel bombarded with either political rants or opinions on how Americans should eat. Dietary preference is almost like religion. People ask me “how does your family eat? Paleo? Vegetarian? Low sodium? Gluten-free? Standard American?” And just like religion, thighs can get touchy. With so much access to information, it’s […]

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Quick quiche ideas from a French

Quick Quiche Ideas From a French Mama

I recently laughed while watching a cooking show advertising a “quick” dinner. The woman was making some “easy” roast, and only needed 15 minutes of prep. I thought: “Wow, I need to learn how to do this for a easy weekday dinner.” So, there she goes: 1/2 cup of chopped onions, 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, […]

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homemade iced mocha

American Heritage Inspired Iced Mocha

I recently wrote about my press trip to Nashville, thanks to our sponsors at American Heritage Chocolate, and as promised, I’m brining you a recipe using their decadent chocolate!! I have to say, I LOVE chocolate. Love it! It’s part of the reason I still struggle to lose baby weight after 4+ years. When given […]

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gluten free chocolate chip muffins

Gluten Free Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I should probably title this, “Healthyish Gluten-Free Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins” instead. The breakfast struggle is real in my house. I’ve thrown a granola bar at my children on the way out the door more often than I’d like to admit. To complicate things further, I have a child with a gluten intolerance. In an […]

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