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Kids in the Kitchen -- Cooking Skills and Safety Rules (1)

Kids in the Kitchen :: Cooking Skills and Safety Rules

Like I mentioned in my last post, despite the benefits, we still get weary about allowing our kids to cook with us. Especially the young ones. The key, is to understand what skills our kids should have at different ages. Having this understanding allows us to safely foster their independence, while allowing us an opportunity to […]

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One Simple Tip to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy :: Let Them Cook!

As an occupational therapist, I have a strong desire to encourage independent living skills with my kids. At a very early age, I was encouraging them to dress themselves, brush their own teeth, bathe themselves … any life skill, it didn’t matter, I wanted them to be able to do for themselves. Cooking is one […]

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The Truth About Head Shape Abnormalities

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital.  The Truth About Head Shape Abnormalities Head shape abnormalities are among the most common problems we deal with in the Neurosurgery clinic at Children’s Hospital. Babies’ head shapes can cause concern for both parents and pediatricians alike. Determining whether a baby has a serious skull problem […]

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Does Organic Really Matter? {How to Choose Cleaner Products When It Matters Most}

 Does Organic Really Matter? There is a lot of hype and sometimes controversy about the word “organic.” And though most people staunchly embrace or refuse the idea of organic living, there seems to be some confusion about what it means. Before you read further, please know my intentions are not to use scare tactics or guilt […]

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5 Reasons to Choose A Midwife (and 1 Reason Not To)

5 Reasons to Choose A Midwife (and 1 Reason Not To) Midwives are such excellent and varied care providers! From the time a young woman first bleeds to the time her bleeding stops for good, midwives can provide the information, care, and services she needs. Midwives inform. We answer questions. We focus on nutrition and […]

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My New (School) Year Resolutions

My New (School) Year Resolutions Now that I have finally admitted that I am in fact, in my mid-thirties and a pretty darned responsible mother, the beginning of the school year is infinitely more significant than the start of an actual calendar year. Gone are the days of lighting bottle rockets out of my teeth […]

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Panthertown sans panthers, bears, black widows or snakes

Nature as Therapy for Families

Nature as Therapy for Families Perhaps I am biased on the subject since I practically grew up outdoors, but this past month I realized just how badly kids and parents need nature adventures together. My sister was in charge of planning our 2016 family reunion and rented an enormous cabin in the woods near her home […]

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To Parents of Teens :: Have a Bully Action Plan

To Parents of Teens :: Have a Bully Action Plan Our innate nature as parents is to protect our children. Yet it’s difficult to know how much “protecting” is enough … or too much. Who’s to judge whether our parenting style is “just right” or “over the top” or “helicopter mommy” -ish? So how can […]

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