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NOLA Kid Favorites :: Donut Edition

In honor of National Donut Day, we went in search of our kids’ favorite donuts! Obviously, they were beyond thrilled and all too willing to participate in this project. After trying places from Kenner to Uptown to the Northshore and everywhere in between, we found that one particular kind of donut stood out amongst the kids, […]

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unplanned pregnancy

Benefits of a Bonus Baby

My 3rd child was unplanned. Really unplanned. We were “two and through.” We had two under two, and we.were.done. Imagine my surprise seeing two pink lines when my last baby was just 13 months old. We were shocked and scared, but eventually we knew everything would be okay. What I didn’t bank on was how […]

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new orleans events april

NOLA Moms Need to Know :: New Orleans Activities in April 2017

Spring has officially sprung! The days are warmer, longer and fun-filled! There is no shortage of family-friendly and date night ideas for you this month!! And since we’re suckers for good deals and so many stores are offering spring sales, we’ve included those for you as well!! This is in no way intended to be […]

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cool mom

I’m Not a Cool Mom

I’m not a cool mom. I’m a regular mom. You know those moms … the cool ones. You’ve seen them on Instagram at least. The ones who seem to have it all together. They have perfect hair and seemingly bounce back to their pre-baby weight nanoseconds after giving birth. They’re the the ones with adorable kids donning […]

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clean eating diet

An Okay Diet is Okay with Me

I’ve tried Whole 30 on several occasions, but the best I could do was “Whole 7.” I’ve tried “diet bets” and lost money not weight. I’ve tried clean eating challenges, and though I learned a lot, I have yet to complete an entire challenge. None of these methods are bad. In fact, I would suggest […]

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westwego police department

Dear Ashley

Dear Ashley Louviere,  We don’t know you, but we feel like we do. We are fellow New Orleans moms, and we are grieving this devastating loss with you.  Because New Orleans is such a “little, big city,” some of us know people who knew or worked with your husband. They are crushed. They have nothing but positive […]

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new year's resolutions 2017

You Can Make 2017 YOUR Year

Hey mama! I’m talking to you. Yes, you. The mom who is always running late, skips showers more often than she’d like to admit, hasn’t asked for the much deserved raise, didn’t graduate college, yells at her kids too often, can’t drop the excess weight, doesn’t spend enough quality time with her husband or who […]

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