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What Should You Nickname Your Kids?

“Hey, Turkey Leg! Eat your dinner! Goose, quit throwing yours on the floor!” By “Turkey Leg,” I obviously mean my four-year-old son, Benjamin. “Goose” is, of course, my one-year-old daughter, Margot. Ah, nicknames. Sometimes they are the most random thing that pops out of your mouth. Other times, they are classic and simple. I am sure that […]

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First Pregnancy verses Second Pregnancy

My husband and I moved from New York City to New Orleans during the third trimester of my first pregnancy, so it didn’t make sense to look for jobs while I was six months pregnant and settling into a new home. I was lucky to have been afforded the luxury of having very little responsibilities during […]

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The 5 Reasons I Put Up Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving

Every year when Halloween approaches and stores begin rolling our their holiday decorations, I start seeing and hearing a lot of grumbling about how we shouldn’t decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. And every year, like a good girl, I wait until after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas decorations; however, I did not wait this year. This year when I […]

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Girl Mom

On Becoming a “Girl Mom”

When I was pregnant with my first child, I really wanted to have a girl. The idea of all the frilly things was intoxicating. Because I wanted a girl so badly, I believe my subconscious went into overdrive to convince myself that I was having a boy. That way I wouldn’t be disappointed when I found out […]

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