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Let’s Talk About The Safe Haven Law

Another day of scrolling through Facebook when I should probably be doing something else. It’s another day and the same sad, horrible story comes up in my feed. While it isn’t the exact same story, it is the same ending. A newborn baby abandoned in trashcan, garden, bathroom, dumpster the list goes on. It is […]

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How My Parenting Style Has Changed

In 2011, when I was at the ENT with my first born, I received the devastating news. She was going to have to get tubes. I was scared. I was nervous. I was anxious for her. I left the appointment and raced to the car. I couldn’t call my husband fast enough to share the […]

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My Family’s Top 10 Peanut Allergy Friendly Restaurants

New Orleans is a city of notable cuisine. And of course, we enjoy it any time we want. And perhaps we even take it for granted every now and then. But as a peanut allergy mom, I know that there are restaurants who understand and accommodate. Then, there are the restaurants who just don’t get […]

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Those Who Can, Teach: When Mom Needs Orientation

Those Who Can, Teach: When Mom Needs Orientation To date, I feel like my oldest daughter’s education was under control. She has had amazing teachers and a wonderful school to guide her. I have supported where I could with flash cards, reviewing letter sounds, minor addition problems and practice reading very simple books. That got […]

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