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I Don’t Love Valentine’s Day

It’s getting to be that time of year again — red hearts, boxes of chocolates, giant stuffed animals, dozens and dozens of roses, jewelry, candlelit dinners. Valentine’s Day. The ultimate holiday for every happy couple to proclaim their love for one another. For me it’s just another day. I say “pass.” Not really my thing. […]

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Christmas is Over!Now, Recycle That Tree!

Christmas is Over … Now, Recycle That Tree!

Why You Should Recycle Your Tree Recycling your Christmas tree directly impacts our state! Each year, Louisiana loses miles of coastal wetlands. By recycling your tree, you help provide a natural fence of trees that slows the erosion of the coast, so our wetlands can continue to protect us from hurricane surges, naturally filter storm water, and […]

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How to Prepare Your Pet for Hurricane Season

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Purina. Purina helps respond to natural disasters in the United States that seriously disrupts the functioning of communities causing animals harm and distress. In the United States in 2015 Purina donated $31.5 million worth of pet food, pet supplies and monetary contributions to pet-related charities and other community […]

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