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Hop Down The River On The Paddlewheeler Creole Queen {Unique Easter Celebration in New Orleans}

Disclosure :: our friends and partners at Paddlewheeler Creole Queen sponsored this post. Hop Down The River On The Paddlewheeler Creole Queen {Unique Easter Celebration in New Orleans} As with most holidays in New Orleans, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate Easter with your kids in the Crescent City. That said, one of […]

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40 Thoughts on Turning 40

40 Thoughts on Turning 40

1.       Holy crap. I’m 40. 2.       We were watching “The Great Outdoors” the other night. Both my husband and I said, “Wow, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd look old in this movie. I wonder how old they were.” Look it up on IMDB; they were 38. Um, so now we are older than they were. […]

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Cucumber Caprese Salad

Recipe :: Cucumber Caprese Salad

One of my favorite things to eat is Caprese salad. Which is weird because I really don’t like raw tomatoes, but I digress. This is the salad I eat frequently when I’m attempting clean eating, and it’s what I make and eat every day during our annual week at the beach when I need a […]

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KIDZ BOP Will Be Performing LIVE in Champions Square!

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Live Nation Entertainment.  KIDZ BOP Will Be Performing LIVE in Champions Square! The #1 music brand for kids, KIDZ BOP, has partnered with Live Nation Entertainment to announce the ALL-NEW KIDZ BOP “Best Time Ever” tour, sponsored by Juicy Juice Splashers. The KIDZ BOP Kids will headline the national live tour, which kicks off […]

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Grief Candles

Grief :: A Mourning Letter to Mothers

The Loss of a Child When a child dies, it is not possible to tell his or her mother and father that you understand unless you have experienced that loss yourself. In one week’s time, two families in my home state lost children. Even if it were not for family connections with them, these parents would be on […]

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Waldorf OUTREACH 04

Thoughts on the High Expectations of Kindergarten :: Via The Waldorf School of New Orleans

Disclosure :: This post was written as a response to a post NOMB published in January called “Thoughts on the High Expectations of Kindergarten.” The Waldorf School of New Orleans feels passionately about this topic and wrote this sponsored post to share and inform parents that there is another local option.  Thoughts on the High Expectations […]

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Losing a Parent While Becoming One

A few days before my dad’s 58th birthday, he passed away surrounded by a room full of friends and family. My sister and I had our hands on his heart when it beat for the last time, and we both felt the last hot breath that he exhaled on our tear-streaked faces. Both my sister and I had […]

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Teaching My Kids to Go Everywhere

I remember the conversation as one of those few vivid, clear moments during the first few weeks of survival post-partum after bringing our firstborn home. Sitting in the pediatrician’s office for our one week checkup, laden with the necessities of our one-hour outing: infant carseat, nursing coverups, a completely stocked diaper bag and extra blankets (in […]

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