• Ultimate Guide to Mardi Gras with Kids
Perks of Living on a Parade Route

The Perks of Living on the Parade Route

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by 1201 Canal The Perks of Living on the Parade Route Carnival season is here! Everyone is busy gearing up for parades by staking out the perfect spots for enjoying the festivities, stocking up on juice boxes for the little ones and beer for you, and getting their purple, […]

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clean eating diet

An Okay Diet is Okay with Me

I’ve tried Whole 30 on several occasions, but the best I could do was “Whole 7.” I’ve tried “diet bets” and lost money not weight. I’ve tried clean eating challenges, and though I learned a lot, I have yet to complete an entire challenge. None of these methods are bad. In fact, I would suggest […]

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I Don’t Love Valentine’s Day

It’s getting to be that time of year again — red hearts, boxes of chocolates, giant stuffed animals, dozens and dozens of roses, jewelry, candlelit dinners. Valentine’s Day. The ultimate holiday for every happy couple to proclaim their love for one another. For me it’s just another day. I say “pass.” Not really my thing. […]

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Dear Adele, Can We Be Best Friends?

Dear Adele, I just finished watching you on The Grammy Awards. I want to personally thank you for being so real. Thank you for messing up the George Michael tribute and asking to starting it over. Thank you for cursing when you realized you messed it up. Thank you for singing it again and rocking […]

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