The Kids Scream for…Empanadas?! The Hot Pocket Alternative

Empanadas are the latin version of Hot Pockets. They are also a variation of the meat and crawfish pies we enjoy during many local New Orleans festivals. Actually, mothers from all over the world feed their children a variation of these pockets filled with their favorite savory, and sometimes sweet, fillings. In Poland, you’ll find […]

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I’m Just Not That Kind of Twin Mom

My twin girls are only six months old, yet we’ve already experienced the hilarious, utterly ridiculous, and occasionally insulting babble from strangers and companions alike. Why is the world so obsessed with stereotyping twins? And what is it about twins that just makes people lose their filters? Am I the weirdo because I refuse to […]

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Dealing with Pregnancy Envy

I’m not proud to admit that I have pregnancy envy. I know you may be thinking, why would I be envious while I have 2 children? Well the truth is, it’s hard for me to not feel a twinge of envy when I see Facebook pregnancy announcements or belly pictures and attend baby showers. I’m not […]

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There and Back Again With a Change of Heart: My Katrina Story

“I’ll finish this wedding album Monday,” I thought to myself. It was finally Friday, and near the end of the workday. My plans for the weekend were simple: have a relaxing evening with my husband, maybe head to a friend’s house, take a kickboxing class and go to church. We would eat at home Friday night since I […]

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Saving The City That Lives In Me

Nine years ago, people across our country asked whether or not New Orleans should be saved. They asked why we couldn’t all just move a little further up river? Why we couldn’t all just start over in another town? Somewhere cleaner and newer and shinier. A place that didn’t have crime and grit and Bourbon […]

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How about a Hurricane Party for your Birthday?

On Sunday, August 28th, 2005, instead of celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday with our friends and family at a surprise luau, we spent the majority of our day cramped in our truck filled to the brim with photo albums and other sentimental items we fear could be lost in the “storm of the century” otherwise […]

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In a New Orleans State of Mind: Being 1,300 Miles Away During Hurricane Katrina

I wandered around the streets looking for an internet café. It was 2005, well before smart phones gave us the ability to walk around with information at our fingertips. And, of course, this was the week my laptop had decided to retire from operating. I finally found a cafe, paid $10 for 30 minutes and […]

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What the Water Gave Me: Reflecting on the Positives of Hurricane Katrina

We never evacuated in the 22 years I had been alive. Not once. So when I got a phone call at 5:30 AM while I was unlocking the doors to the Starkville, MS coffee shop where I was a barista, I KNEW it was bad. “We’re coming,” Dad said. “Make room for us, and apologize […]

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A Tale of Inconvenience: My Katrina Wedding

Everyone has their Katrina story. I’m very lucky that mine is not terrible or tragic like so many are. Mine is a tale of inconvenience, more than anything. When I evacuated on Saturday, August 27, I was headed to my mom’s house in Baton Rouge anyway. My sister was in town, and our mom was […]

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Life Lessons I Learned From Hurricane Katrina: It’s Just Stuff

It’s been 9 years. The memories are fuzzy, fading slightly. But some things will never be forgotten. How I evacuated with my boyfriend of a few months, wearing only a bathing suit and cover-up. Literally, no underwear. I was a newly 21 year old, I didn’t need to ‘prepare’ for a hurricane. So off we […]

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It’s No Longer an Evacuation Vacation

“Oh, I’m sure we will just evacuate for a few days for nothing.” This was the gist of what family and friends were saying the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina. See, before Katrina, hurricane evacuations were sometimes dubbed “evacuation vacations.” I remember as a child my parents would be scurrying around locating valuables, boarding […]

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Remembering Katrina :: Becoming a Part of New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans in July of 2005 was going to be the biggest adventure yet for me and my new husband. We had just settled into our new house on Palmer Street, only blocks from where my husband would be attending law school at Tulane, and I had just found employment at a salon […]

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