Body after Baby: Tips and Recipes for Boosting Your Metabolism

After the birth of my first son, I was back in the gym at 6 weeks exactly. I had a relatively easy vaginal delivery and healed quickly. I worked out with my trainer two days a week and did yoga and cardio on my own. I ate healthy, nursed for 4 months and watched my body […]

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My Miscarriage: Coping {Part Two of Two}

I know my last post was not a happy one as I wrote a letter to the baby I will never hold. But this thing that happened to me, I have learned, will be something I carry for the rest of my life. Sure, the sharp, painful edges will blur and soften with time, but the wound […]

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Toddler Transitions: Losing a Pacifier and Gaining a Big Girl Bed {Just Don’t Ask How the Potty Training Is Going}

As I shared a few months back, we are expecting a new addition to our family this coming November. As excited as we are to see our family grow, my mind is constantly cluttered with the to-dos of preparing for a new baby. To add to that mental clutter are the list of toddler transitions […]

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Five Reasons you Should Visit (or Move) to St. Charles Parish

New Orleans and its surrounding metro area has tons of fun things for families. Everyone knows about Lafreniere Park, Pontiff Playground, City Park and the Audubon Zoo. What if I told you that just a little further out, there is a great little parish waiting for you with lots of character, history and a great sense of community? […]

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Telling My Story with the Soundtrack of My Life

Music has been a vital survival tool throughout most of my life. No matter what was going on, I could always find meaning in music. I wasn’t gifted with actual musical talent – that pretty much ended as soon as my first failed piano lesson started. However, I am so skilled at Name That Tune that I […]

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Dropping the Doughnut and Picking up the Pace: Finding Motivation from Your Child to Lose Weight

A few days ago I was changing my son Ben’s diaper and caught a glimpse of something scary on the baby monitor screen – something BIG and terrifying. My butt. Ugh, baby mama got back. SERIOUS back. Exiting Denial I shouldn’t have been surprised by how plump my posterior had gotten. It did feel pretty […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Child Care, Preschool, and MDOs in New Orleans

Disclaimer: Each family should thoroughly investigate the available child care options in your area. In our New Orleans mom’s guide to daycare, we provided advice and guidance in selecting a daycare. In addition, a list of state licensed child care facilities is available on the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services website. You asked; we answered. We have compiled a listing […]

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New Baby Bliss: Lower Expectations for the Second Child

When I had my daughter nearly four years ago, like any new parent, I didn’t know what to expect. I had beautiful expectations of loving every second of motherhood and things going smoothly. It was going to be so blissful and lovely. After all, she was my child and couldn’t possibly do anything wrong. But after […]

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Finding Friendships in Unexpected Places

When I refer to the bond I have to a certain group of women, I always compare it to a sorority. While none of us rushed this sorority, we are all part of an elite and special group of women who have gone through a very rigorous initiation. What am I referring to? It’s nothing […]

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Soiree :: Sip, Shop, Savor {Moms Night Out Event Announcement}

Disclosure :: We had a blast last year planning our very first birthday party at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. This year the blog is turning TWO and our team has a ton to celebrate :: we have added SEVEN new team members, we have hosted TWELVE events in our community (play dates and moms nights out), and […]

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: Gone But Not Forgotten

You can’t believe your eyes; the test indicates that you’re pregnant. Your emotions are on overload. You cry, you laugh, and you can’t believe you are going to be a mother. Early on, you hear the baby’s heartbeat. Later you hold your husband’s hand at the ultrasound as you see a perfect little nose, ten tiny fingers and […]

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I’m Having a What?: Dealing With the Emotions of Finding Out the Gender of Your Baby

Disclaimer: I wrote this post soon after finding out the gender of my third child. I’ve had sometime to process my emotions. I’m happy to say that I am genuinely excited to add a little boy, especially one who has been surprising me from the very beginning. Bring on the trains, trucks, ninjas, and wrestling! […]

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