Halloween is the Scariest Holiday…And Not for the Reasons You Think

Yup, that is right, Halloween is the scariest holiday. No, it is not because of the goblins and ghosts or the haunted houses. It is because of the candy. No, I am not talking about all those crazy stories you hear of creepers injecting candy with drugs or because I am worried my child will eat […]

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A Complex World Filled With Love: Raising Awareness for Down Syndrome

Most of the months of the year have a designated “awareness” attached to it, and October is no different. What is awareness? According to Dictionary.com, it is the state of being aware, knowledge or consciousness. This month, my husband and I celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in honor of our oldest son Peter. Down Syndrome […]

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Show Support for Children with Food Allergies This Halloween With The Teal Pumpkin Project

With Halloween looming this year, I’ve wondered how we would celebrate it this year with our 3 year old son Caden. He is old enough to very much want to join in the fun of trick or treating, especially because he wants to go with his 9 year old aunt Emily, but not old enough […]

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10 Things Every Father Should Know About His Daughter

As women, I believe many would agree that the relationship we have with our father is different than with our mother. A father’s presence and active role in a daughter’s life is invaluable. I see the admiration our daughter has towards my husband and the bond they have as father and daughter quite like my […]

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Top 10 Things Moms Miss The Most About College

Today, I was having a conversation with a friend that went something like this…. Friend :: Should I have a scavenger hunt at my daughter’s birthday party? Me :: In college, scavenger hunts were considered hazing. We couldn’t even say the word without getting in trouble. Friend :: I miss college though. Parties, late night studying, […]

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Homemade Pho Ga Recipe…Pho Real!

If you’re a follower of the blog, you know we’re a bunch of Phonatics. I’m pretty sure I could eat pho all day, every day from November through March. What on earth was I eating all of those years that I didn’t have pho in my life? I can’t tell you how much money I’ve […]

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The Woodlands Resort: Fabulous Family Friendly Getaway Just Hours From New Orleans {Sponsored Giveaway}

As amazing as New Orleans is, sometimes you just need to get away. Even if the kids join you, there is something so refreshing and therapeutic about a change of scenery. Although it’s also EXTREMELY nice to get away sans kids as well. When we traveled to The Woodlands Resort in late September, we were actually able to experience the resort from both perspectives, as our co-founder, Ashley, had her three kids in tow.

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