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Confessions of a-3

Confessions of a Not-So-Crunchy Mom

Crunchy mom (n): a mom who practices natural living. What’s less-than-crunchy? Not mushy. Crunchy-ish? Crispy? Chewy? Ok, now I’m getting hungry. I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, but to keep things simple, I am sometimes crunchy. I started out pretty crunchy… Breastfeeding: Well, I didn’t plan to breastfeed, but it somehow worked out. We made […]

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I Finally Know What It Means To Be Tired – Life & Beauty As A New Mom

Disclosure :: We have been working with Kismet Cosmetics for about five years. If you attend our events you likely have personally met her or her team while sampling her products. It is our pleasure to welcome her to motherhood and share this sponsored post.  I Finally Know What It Means To Be Tired – Life […]

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2017 Best NOLA Dad Winner!!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our 2017 Best NOLA Dad is :: Tim Baudier   {Nominated by :: Holly Baudier} I’m sure you get nominations from wives stating how amazing of a father their husband is, but let me give you a glimpse into my world. We have been married 10 years […]

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Capture Your Family This Summer With Adventure Stories

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Sweet Honeybee. Capture Your Family This Summer With Adventure Stories Looking for something more out of your family portraits? Are you stressed about getting that perfect shot with everyone looking and smiling at the same time hoping little Johnny doesn’t jump smack into the puddle just before you […]

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DAD MAX :: How to Father’s Day to the Max

Father’s Day has nothing to do with dad. Ever since Nietzsche proclaimed, “Dad is dead,” society has forced the modern dad into being a cunning enabler to the moms. Where I come from there’s a saying: ‘If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.’ For if Father’s Day is to be a true celebration, the responsibility […]

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