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Walmart Free Grocery Pickup :: What Every NOLA Mom Should Know

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Walmart. That said, we are really excited about sharing more details about Walmart Free Grocery Pickup. We can’t imagine a more “mom-friendly” service!  Walmart Free Grocery Pickup :: What Every NOLA Mom Should Know The holiday season is officially in full swing! Life can certainly get crazy these days, so […]

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You Are Not For Everyone

I don’t know about you, but looking back on my life, there are so many things I’ve done that weren’t considered “right” or “good.” I carry with me a suitcase of shameful thoughts about myself. I’m not good enough. I’m not a good enough mom. I’m not a good enough human being. Sometimes, shame hits […]

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Today We Cry

Today We Cry. Today my child is not feeling well. It’s one of those things where there’s literally nothing you can do. As the mom, I’m supposed to be the one who has the answers, right? The one who says “take this medicine,” “here’s some ice” or “take deep breaths” and the problem is resolved. […]

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On Raising Biracial Children

On Raising Biracial Children When my then five year old son asked me when he could have a little sister or brother, it made me really sad  … and not just because I’m not planning on ever adding to our tiny, easy to manage family unit. He asked for his sibling to be white like me. […]

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Where Are Your Manners?

Technically I am the OG of the NOMB. (That’s the Oldest Gal of the New Orleans Mom Blog.) I am 42 as of next month and have a kindergartner and a fourth-grader. That officially makes me an old(er) parent. I literally have parents in my daughter’s class who say, “Yes ma’am” to me. I don’t know […]

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Save the Date :: St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Open House is December 1st!

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. SAVE THE DATE! Please come to our Open House and bring a friend! View our video: “Why Choose St. Andrew’s” Open House Come see what makes St. Andrew’s special. Visit St. Andrew’s Episcopal School on one of our open house dates or call for a […]

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