Things we took for granted before kids

Peeing Alone {And Other Things We Took For Granted Before Kids}

I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. My kids have completed me in a way I didn’t think possible. I’m not saying I want to go back to my pre-kid life, but if I could, I would be sure to not take the following things for granted: Getting in […]

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Watch Your Mouth: Top 5 Things NOT to Say to a New Mom

Now that I have two children, I hear my share of intrusive comments. Most often from strangers. Since having my second child in April, I am hearing the same things as I did with my first, in addition to some new ones that seem to be on repeat. Talking with the other New Orleans Moms […]

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Photo Albums in the 21st Century: An Idea to Capture Your Family Memories

On a recent visit home, my mom was in the midst of a project to organize family photos. I helped her with some dating and had the usual “what was I thinking?” reaction (or rather what was my mom thinking dressing me like that?!) It also got me thinking about how much cameras and pictures […]

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Toddler Tantrums: Losing My Buddy and Losing My Confidence

About six weeks ago, I was chatting over dinner with two of my very best friends about…can you guess? Of course, our kids. As we talked about our toddlers, I mentioned that I was not expecting for Jane to be so independent at just two and a half. She is frustrated if I help her put on […]

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Women in Bloom: An Exclusive Night at First Look {Sponsored Event Announcement & Dream Registry Giveaway}

Disclosure: All of our events are made possible by our amazing sponsors. Thank you to First Look for both sponsoring this event and for inviting our readers and guests into their cozy “home” (the converted uptown home on Magazine offers the perfect atmosphere for their special services). Thank you as well to all of the […]

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Why I Do Not Use a Reward Chart With My Children

On our refrigerator, there are masterpieces from our budding artists, a family calendar, pictures and not one reward chart. Actually, we have gone through the past three and half years without creating or implementing one as our kids have been potty trained, taught good behaviors and to pick up after themselves. Before my oldest started […]

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Establishing Boundaries with Your Child and Social Media {Sponsored by The Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital}

Disclosure :: One of the many decisions that parents struggle with today is whether or not to give their child a cell phone, and if they do, what is the right age? Once they do give them a cell phone, what is the best way to establish boundaries with the internet at their finger tips? The Parenting Center at […]

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Capturing Hope for NICU Families with Documentary Photography

They say pictures are worth a million words, right? Well I still remember the first time I saw my son, and it was via a picture that my husband took with his iPhone. Even though there were a million words to describe this picture, I was left speechless. I recently gave birth to my son […]

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Changing Tunes: How the Love of My Son Made Me Realize Anything Was Possible

On March 11, 2014, I placed my iPhone in a cup of water I left in my car, rendering it useless. That Tuesday seemed like a really crappy day; little did I know the world as I knew it was about to be shattered. That afternoon, I walked into school and laid eyes on my […]

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Pregnancy: Cue the Waterworks! And Other Bizarre Symptoms…

What do booking a flight, watching Sweet Home Alabama, checking Facebook and buying school uniforms have in common?  Well, nothing, but somehow they are all reasons that I have cried in the past week! In theory, none of them are actually sad experiences, but with this pregnancy pretty much anything can make me cry. I […]

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To Grandmother’s House They Go: Taking a Vacation Without Your Children

My husband and I recently took a vacation without our son, Ben. My parents graciously agreed to watch him for a week so that Jeff and I could have some grown-up time. We spent four days in Los Angeles and then drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Napa, where we spent three days indulging […]

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ABC’s of Family Fun In and Around New Orleans

School is back in session. For some of you that is worth celebrating and for others, you are already counting down to summer 2015. If you are looking for family friendly activities for the weekend, look no further. Our team has put together a list of 99+ activities in and around the New Orleans area. […]

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