Because Staying Home Doesn’t Work For Every Mom OR Child

I started a job based in a school this past year. Therefore, this summer was my first one off with both kids at home. In my mind I imagined spontaneous trips to the beach in Mississippi, unstructured play time, walks to get snoballs and lounging at the pool. Well, after about a week home with my […]

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Create a Time Capsule For Your Kids

While classmates of mine received cars, concert tickets and college dorm supplies for their 18th birthdays, I received a bulky dark brown accordion style folder. Faded from nearly two decades of storage, I slowly unwinded the string around the circular clasp. It was my time capsule, created the week I was born and highlighting the […]

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Three Ways to Waste The Rest of Your Summer Stressing Over Your Body

Do you remember that summer when you didn’t think about how much of your bottom was sticking out of your tankini bottom?  Do you remember those sun-soaked, scorching hot days when you would go to the pool and spend more time thinking about how fun it was to play in the water than how humiliating […]

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Save Money Going Back to School {Guest Post by Northshore Mama}

This is a HOT topic right now. My kids start back in just two weeks! Summer has FLOWN by! So, while the deals will come and go each week, there are a few blanket suggestions that I have learned over the 5 years that I have had to do the big, bad, BACK TO SCHOOL […]

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Win the Battle with Picky Eaters: The “No Thank You Bite”

I think I’ve finally turned the corner in the battle of The Pickiest Children on Earth. I probably shouldn’t write about it, in case I jinx it, but I’m too proud to not share with the world! My boys have always been picky. One more than the other two in particular. The kid weighs about […]

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Best OB/GYNs in {and near} New Orleans

  Disclaimer: Medical decisions are extremely personal, and we encourage everyone to do their own research in choosing a doctor. Additionally, this list is in no way an endorsement of any type of provider nor any specific hospital. We copied the quotes verbatim from our Facebook page and are unable to verify accuracy of the providers’ […]

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Body after Baby: Tips and Recipes for Boosting Your Metabolism

After the birth of my first son, I was back in the gym at 6 weeks exactly. I had a relatively easy vaginal delivery and healed quickly. I worked out with my trainer two days a week and did yoga and cardio on my own. I ate healthy, nursed for 4 months and watched my body […]

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My Miscarriage: Coping {Part Two of Two}

I know my last post was not a happy one as I wrote a letter to the baby I will never hold. But this thing that happened to me, I have learned, will be something I carry for the rest of my life. Sure, the sharp, painful edges will blur and soften with time, but the wound […]

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Toddler Transitions: Losing a Pacifier and Gaining a Big Girl Bed {Just Don’t Ask How the Potty Training Is Going}

As I shared a few months back, we are expecting a new addition to our family this coming November. As excited as we are to see our family grow, my mind is constantly cluttered with the to-dos of preparing for a new baby. To add to that mental clutter are the list of toddler transitions […]

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Five Reasons you Should Visit (or Move) to St. Charles Parish

New Orleans and its surrounding metro area has tons of fun things for families. Everyone knows about Lafreniere Park, Pontiff Playground, City Park and the Audubon Zoo. What if I told you that just a little further out, there is a great little parish waiting for you with lots of character, history and a great sense of community? […]

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Telling My Story with the Soundtrack of My Life

Music has been a vital survival tool throughout most of my life. No matter what was going on, I could always find meaning in music. I wasn’t gifted with actual musical talent – that pretty much ended as soon as my first failed piano lesson started. However, I am so skilled at Name That Tune that I […]

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Dropping the Doughnut and Picking up the Pace: Finding Motivation from Your Child to Lose Weight

A few days ago I was changing my son Ben’s diaper and caught a glimpse of something scary on the baby monitor screen – something BIG and terrifying. My butt. Ugh, baby mama got back. SERIOUS back. Exiting Denial I shouldn’t have been surprised by how plump my posterior had gotten. It did feel pretty […]

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