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Dear Moms Everywhere :: Do What Works For You

The other day I was grabbing a quick iced coffee at a local coffee shop when I happened to – unintentionally, I might add – overhear a judgmental conversation. There was one table against the wall that admittedly was being a tad loud, though it wasn’t bothering me personally. Heck, I was kid-free and footloose […]

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The Belly Touchers: I Get It Now

Most pregnant women are pretty vocal about not wanting their bellies touched. I know this all to well because not too long ago, I was one of them. I mean, you don’t touch random stranger’s bellies, so why on earth would you touch a pregnant woman’s? I remember cringing as someone in the grocery store proceeded […]

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Mardi Gras Toddler Mom

Being a Toddler Mom During Mardi Gras

Sometimes when I read articles about Mardi Gras and see friends posting pictures from every.single.parade, I feel like such a Mardi Gras dud. I am not a ride or die Mardi Gras New Orleanian. Don’t get me wrong, growing up I didn’t want to miss a single parade and going to Uptown parades during college was about as […]

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family events new orleans

New Orleans Moms Need to Know :: Your Guide to the Month of February 2016

It’s here! Your guide to enjoying February in New Orleans! This is in no way intended to be a comprehensive event guide {we maintain a full calendar of events right here}. Rather, we’ve pulled out a select number of events for your family to enjoy throughout the month. Living in New Orleans can be overwhelming, but our hope […]

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over doing it

Mom’s Night Out: I Just Can’t Hang Like I Used To

Mom’s Night Out:  I Just Can’t Hang Like I Used To I’m.Never.Drinking.Again. We’ve all been there. What started out as a seemingly regular night out turned into you going ham on some shots and various other mixers. Why does it seem that since I’ve had kids, my “overdoing it” has only worsened? Yay it’s the […]

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How to Catch a Muses Shoe (And Other Elusive Carnival Throws)

How to Catch a Muses Shoe (And Other Elusive Carnival Throws) “A shoe, a shoe, please lady a shoe!!” As a Muses rider, this is the anthem we hear for almost six miles. It’s the sing songy backdrop to our parade from the heart of Uptown to the depths of the Warehouse District. As I […]

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Be the Belle of Your Mardi Gras Ball With Southern Dental Care

Visit Southern Dental and You’ll Be the Belle of the (Mardi Gras) Ball

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by Southern Dental Care. Visit Southern Dental and You’ll Be the Belle of the (Mardi Gras) Ball During Mardi Gras, most people aren’t thinking about their teeth. Most of New Orleans is focused on coordinating costumes, figuring out alternate routes to avoid parade traffic, or assigning a neutral ground […]

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